Outdoor Lighting Styles Perfect for Your Business

Empty wooden table space platform and blurred outdoor resturant background for product display montage

Empty wooden table space platform and blurred outdoor resturant background for product display montage


From resorts to restaurants, we have the outdoor lighting your business needs. Lighting is essential for creating a sense of comfort while elevating the atmosphere for your customers. Have you ever been out to dinner and the lighting just felt off? Create an environment for your customers that makes them feel cozy. At Harrison Irrigation, we’ll be sure to light up your business in a way that draws in new customers and keeps them coming back.


Hospitality Lighting


Hospitality lighting factors in the style, theme and drama of your business and creates a sense of comfort for your customers. There are so many types of hospitality lighting including architectural, landscape, pathway, deck and patio, festive and security lighting.


Businesses have so many choices because each company is different. For example, casino resorts need lighting to create an inviting atmosphere while also staying well-lit so security can watch the video surveillance. What a company chooses as their lighting will ultimately reflect how it values its customers.


LED Energy Efficient


Adding new hospitality lighting creates the perfect opportunity for you to switch your landscape lights from regular light bulbs to LEDs! This is a cost-efficient way to brighten the outside of your business. LED lights are very customizable. You have the option to change colors, lower intensities, adjust tones, control lighting from a remote and much more.


The switch to LED lights will lower your business’s carbon footprint. Why? According to Boston University’s LED Study, they last up to 25 percent longer than regular bulbs and are about 90 percent more energy efficient. The US Department of Energy found that LEDs installed in 2012 saved about $675 million in electric costs. If every American replaced one regular light bulb with an LED, the energy saved could light about 2.5 million homes. Do your part to ensure a greener and more sustainable world by switching out your old landscape light bulbs for energy efficient ones.


Making the Hospitality Industry Even More Hospitable


At Harrison Irrigation, we specialize in perfecting the landscape lighting for businesses in Jacksonville businesses. If you own an an event center, resort, restaurant or similar business, we can provide the lighting you need to make your guests feel comfortable. If you have an outdoor seating area, it’s crucial to have proper lighting. When trying to pick new lighting for your business, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Take into consideration what you enjoy while at a hotel or restaurant. A safe, well-lit environment is what keeps your customers coming back.


Don’t let bad outdoor lighting ruin your business! Give your customers that comfortable feeling that keeps them coming back. Our expert team knows just how to accentuate the look of your business while maintaining its efficiency. Call Harrison Irrigation today to make your business look its best day or night!