Landscape Irrigation in Jacksonville, FL

"If you don’t have an efficient sprinkler system, your lawn could be suffering. Constant dying or soggy patches are not only detrimental to your yard’s appearance, but could be costing you more than you’d like to pay."

When it seems like nothing can solve the struggle of sustaining a beautifully green yard, you need to call an expert. If you want to keep your lawn looking its best all year long, you need a landscape contractor who specializes in watering systems, drainage and landscape lighting. With more than 25 years of experience working in Northeast Florida, Harrison Irrigation knows how to keep properties looking their best from Orange Park to St. Augustine to Yulee!

Harrison Irrigation Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that serves both commercial and residential customers around Jacksonville. We’re open 6 days a week and you can rely on our expert team to install and repair quality products, such as Hunter sprinklers.

So, what kind of irrigation system should you get?


  • Drip irrigation systems are perfect watering systems for small gardens because they can be installed directly underneath each plant.
  • Sprinkler systems are ideal for broad areas like large, grassy lawns. They’re perfect for covering a sizeable piece of land conveniently, quickly and effectively on your home’s property. And, if ever you need sprinkler repair, you can call Harrison Irrigation and we’ll we’ll fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

When you work with us, our talented landscape drainage contractors, landscape lighting installers and sprinkler repair experts give you exactly what you envision and expect for your irrigation needs. Finding an irrigation provider you can trust to accurately and honestly complete the job must be a priority.

What you should look for an irrigation provider:


  • Certifications: When you’re researching a company, you want to make sure they are credible and qualified to help you. Check their website to see what certifications and licenses are listed to ensure they have the proper experience for landscape drainage, sprinkler repair and landscape lighting. If it’s not listed on their website or they don’t have one in general, this could be a red flag. Harrison Irrigation is licensed to work in installing and repairing watering systems, drainage systems and landscape lighting in Duval, Clay and St. Johns counties. We are also backflow certified.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to ask your landscape drainage contractor or landscape lighting installer questions before you meet them. They should be there to make your small garden or large lawn look its best and if they can’t answer your questions, you’ll want to find a more qualified company.

When you get a new watering system, you want to make sure you’re using water efficiently, especially living in Jacksonville, where it rains a lot! Otherwise, you could be throwing away money that we know you’d rather keep! So, when it’s time to turn on your Hunter sprinkler, you should be able to precisely use the amount of water you need to keep your small garden or lawn looking amazing.

How you can save money with an irrigation system:


  • Adjust The System: With every season, the weather changes will dictate how much water you’ll need to use for your small garden or yard. Depending on the season, you can install a shut-off device to detect if there is any rain or moisture around the watering system.
  • Avoid Water Waste: Homeowners will often have one long continuous session when they turn on their sprinklers. But this could be detrimental to your utility bill! Try splitting the time into shorter periods and take 15 minute breaks in between each session. This way, the water has a chance to be absorbed and most of it won’t go to drainage. And if you’re using more water because need a sprinkler repair for your Hunter watering system, we’re more than happy to help!