How to Best Protect Your Lawn During a Remodel

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Starting a remodel is high-risk project and one of those risks is your yard. Too often we see yards torn up in the process of a remodel. Parts of your lawn that may be at risk include trees, grass and gardens. While you plan for this big redesign of your home, make sure you also create a plan for protecting your landscape. Here are some tips to include in your plan:


Scout Out Your Trees

Some trees in your yard are older than others, be mindful of where in your yard the more mature trees are. They’re most susceptible to any ware and tear from construction damage. You should have a plan for any construction vehicles to navigate through these trees and stay clear of roots. Keep the your yard and the look of your home rooted in history with these older trees, pun intended.


Newer trees are also vulnerable to construction, especially the ones close to the construction site. Reach out to your contractor to inform him of where trees are located and where is the best access points of the home to avoid any tree collisions. You could even mark out a clear pathway to avoid the trees. This way everyone will be on the same page and your leafy greenery is guaranteed to stay rooted in its same spot.


Cover the Grass

Our best quick fix for protecting the grass is to cover the high traffic areas with tarps. Grass can definitely be resilient, but under harsh conditions, it dies easily. If your remodel calls for a dumpster, make sure the grass is either covered prior to delivery or the dumpster is placed in the driveway. Without oxygen or sunlight, you’ll be left with a large dead grass spot after construction is over. You’ll have a beautiful home interior but it’s possible the exterior will be left with a sore spot.


Although rain is inevitable, it doesn’t mean mud has to be apart of your remodel. After a large rain during the remodel, cover the paths that your contractor may be using outside, with tarps or any alternatives. This will ensure that, one, you don’t get mud in the house, and two, your yard won’t become slippery. When the mud gets slippery outdoors, the grass become more likely to be ripped out. Keep that grass in place and cover the paths, you’ll thank us later.


Guard Your Garden

You’ve worked hard to have such a pretty garden, make sure if doesn’t get hurt when you’re not watching it. Although a remodel is meant to make your house pretty, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any mistakes made outdoors. To make sure everyone working on the house is keeping out of the garden, you can make a “fence” for it. Put a barrier around your precious garden, whether it be with hay bails, caution tape or that orange temporary construction fencing. It may be unsightly during the remodel but it will ensure a beautiful interior and exterior after all the hard work is done.


We’re here to make sure that while you make the inside of your home pretty, the outside of your home doesn’t suffer. A beautiful home interior design is best complemented by a beautiful landscape. Protect your yard and protect the integrity of your home.