3 Ways Spring Cleaning Carries Over to Lawn Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than realizing it’s time to begin spring cleaning. Maybe catching up at the DMV for hours or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic are worse but you get the point, no one likes spring cleaning. But, if you want to win your neighborhood award for best yard this summer, it must be done. Here are just a few of the countless ways to extend spring cleaning to your lawn maintenance:


Aerate the Yard

Over time, your yard gets stepped on which compacts the soil, making it hard for your lawn to breathe. You only have to aerate your yard once a year, so we recommend doing it before the harsh heat is in full effect. Aerating your lawn creates space for the soil to breathe and get the nutrients it needs. This process consists of strategically putting holes in the ground and can be done most efficiently with a lawn aerator. Since this is only a yearly thing, it’s best to rent this equipment or call the Jacksonville irrigation professionals at Harrison Irrigation to handle the tedious process.


Prevent Weeds

Do you know the best time to slip on gloves and pull some weeds? Right after it rains. If you prefer to weed in dry conditions, we suggest using a hoe because weeds cut off just below the soil will shrivel up and die, especially if your hoe has a sharp edge. There’s an old saying “Pull when wet, hoe when dry,” to help you remember when to pull and when to hoe.


Pay close attention to what you’re watering, as nourishing the weeds will only counteract your efforts. In most cases, cutting off the weeds’ water supply decreases the odds of them growing or multiplying by about 50 percent. You can avoid watering them by placing a drip hose beneath mulch, which efficiently irrigates plants and leaves neighboring weeds thirsty. If you think your irrigation might be a part of your weed problem, give Harrison Irrigation a call. We’d be happy to adjust any watering systems in Jacksonville or surrounding areas to optimize water to plants, not weeds.



Fertilizing can be tricky. Your lawn needs supplements of fertilizer to remain healthy and green, but determining how much to apply is where it gets tricky. It’s like a vitamin supplement for plants. Fertilizer gives your yard the nutrients needed for green leaves, deep roots, large seeds and an overall healthy appearance. Although, if you apply too much your grass will grow so fast, you’ll have to cut it more often than usual. Learning how to select the right fertilizer and amount to apply makes a huge difference.


If you feel your yard is out of control, it may have something to do with your irrigation practices. This isn’t a problem you can procrastinate. As your weeds grow and the warm weather rolls in, the harder it is to get rid of them. Give your Jacksonville irrigation experts, Harrison Irrigation, a call before it’s too late.