How Outdoor Lighting Can Elevate Curb Appeal

3d rendering of modern cozy house in chalet style with garage for sale or rent with many grass on lawn. Clear summer night with stars on the sky. Cozy warm light from window

Outdoor lighting is a little more strategic than you may think. A well-lit landscape is the difference between a beautiful, inviting house after dark and a house you can’t see after 7 pm. Not only does it improve the beauty of your home, but also improves night time safety, prevents tripping or other accidents. Most importantly, it’ll definitely make you the envy of your neighbors.


Tree Lighting

Illuminating the prettiest trees in your yard is a simple way of creating a focal point for your property. This creates nice, natural centerpieces and lights up a good portion of your yard. When guests arrive for a late dinner party or event, they’ll be able to navigate your yard with ease and not worry about stepping on a snake or ant pile in the dark. Take advantage of your foliage by having Harrison Irrigation place lights at the base of your trees. Our team of Jacksonville outdoor lighting experts knows exactly how to strategically place the lights so you can enjoy beautifully lit trees that also light up your yard.


Porch Lighting

The porch and patio space are important areas of your home with plenty of uses. This is the transition area between the interior and exterior and if it isn’t illuminated properly, you and your guests may have trouble arriving and leaving in the dark. It’s scary to come home at night and navigate your way into the house in the dark. The patio area is usually the eye candy of your home so incorporating outdoor lighting will ensure your guests notice your beautiful entryway. Whether you opt for lamps, torches or hanging lights, make sure the illumination is strong and let the pros at Harrison Irrigation handle the placement for you. We’ll be sure to optimize visibility and the architecture of your beautiful entryway.


Lighting Tips

We have a few pointers to make landscape lighting a little easier for you. LED lights are best for most commercial and residential owners. They’re a little more expensive than other types of bulbs but they provide the best illumination, are energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than any other bulb. Another energy saving tip – instead of manually switching your lighting on and off, consider setting up a motion sensor or timer. Say you forgot to turn off the lights – they’ll go off automatically and save you money on your energy bill!


Landscape lighting can be tricky, it’s best to let the experts take care of it. Our team knows just how to accentuate the look of your home while maintaining efficiency and improving your home’s security. If you have any questions or ideas for your Jacksonville outdoor lighting, give Harrison Irrigation a call!