Here’s Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn Now

Irrigation of the green grass with sprinkler system.

First impressions are important. When someone sees your property for the first time, you want them to be impressed. Everyone wants the prettiest yard on the block, but this spring it’s your time to shine! There are many of ways to prepare your yard for warmer weather and one of those is aeration. Aerating your lawn helps keep it healthy and green when the classic Jacksonville heat rolls in. Here are a few more reasons you should aerate your lawn this season:


What’s Lawn Aeration?

Over time, your yard gets compacted and stepped on, making it hard for your lawn to breathe. You only have to aerate your yard once a year and we recommend doing it in the spring before the harsh heat is in full effect. Aerating your lawn creates space for the soil to breathe and get the nutrients it needs. This process consists of strategically putting holes in the ground and can be done most efficiently with a lawn aerator. Since this is only a yearly thing, it’s probably best to rent this equipment or call professionals to handle it for you.


Benefits of Aeration

The best benefit of aeration is a greener lawn. The holes in the ground will cause your soil to get more nutrients which results in overall healthier grass. So now when you water your yard with your home lawn watering system, your grass will be able to absorb all the nutrients with ease.

Another benefit is stronger grass roots. Aerating your lawn causes the roots of your grass to grow deeper and spread further. The improved root structure results in a higher tolerance to drought and an increase in grass density. Increase in grass density not only makes your lawn appear thicker and more carpet-like but additionally has the benefit of naturally choking out weeds.

Last but not least – reduced puddling. If your yard gets lots of rain or runoff water, you may frequently see puddles. If you notice puddles continually, give Harrison Irrigation a call. We’re committed to giving you an incredible experience while ensuring your irrigation system functions properly. However, aerating will reduce the puddles in your yard and your soil will be able to absorb more moisture.


Aeration is a great way to open up your lawn to the wonderful nutrients from fertilizer and water from your irrigation system. When it comes to your home or business, we know you want to keep your landscape looking its best all year long. And that means choosing the right irrigation system for your lawn needs. At Harrison Irrigation, we recommend what we know will work best for you after we inspect your property. We want you to have the best experience, especially when you look out to your lawn during the winter. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your property!