What You Should Know Before Getting Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting, landscape lighting

Have you considered outdoor lighting lately? You should know landscape lighting is a work of art. Proper outdoor lighting is not just about the fixtures, it must be thoughtfully designed. That means determining the proper fixtures to illuminate your home, enhance your outdoor living areas and create safer pathways and driveways. Here are a few thing you should consider before getting outdoor lighting:


What’s the Purpose?

First and foremost, determine why you want landscape lighting. Most people want outdoor lights to increase safety. It’s a great way to ensure your family and visitors feel safe arriving and leaving your home, no matter the time of day. Not to mention, if you have a surveillance system, landscape lighting is the perfect way to illuminate the parts of your home being watched by security cameras. Others may want landscape lighting to illuminate the architecture of their home. This is a fabulous way to emphasize the features of your home you take the most pride in. Once you determine the purpose, we can get started on a design plan.


What to Illuminate

We start creating the design by deciding which areas, objects, features and/or plants you want on display. If your priority is safety, you’re probably going to lean towards the areas that are poorly lit or areas with surveillance cameras. If you’re purpose is to illuminate an object or architectural feature, take into consideration the color and materials of the objects. Rough-textured objects can be accented with special illumination techniques.

What kind of plants do you want to illuminate? The plants you put on display can have a dramatic affect on the design. Trees can be lit up or down, cast shadows or silhouetted. Using plants as a part of your design can take add character to your landscape.


What Not to Illuminate

Be sure you aren’t illuminating every little thing in your yard. Determine what you need lit for safety or architecture and refrain from adding lighting to every feature. Light pollution, or over lighting, can take away from your landscape and cause a glare. Glare occurs when a light source is too big or bright. You don’t want to blind your family or guests! Exterior landscape lighting is much more sensitive than indoor lighting. Direct outdoor light, such as a light for a door, will brighten the object it’s illuminating. Indirect light is a broader light that creates a soft wash on a wider range.


Designing outdoor lighting can get tricky. Lucky for you, our Jacksonville landscape lighting experts are more than happy to walk you through the process. Illuminate the beauty of your home or business at night with incredible landscape lighting. With our experience in designing landscape lighting systems, we can effectively give you the look you want. When you need a reliable and expert team with quality products, call Harrison Irrigation. We’ll get the job done.