Our Best Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Garden Watering Systems. Garden Technician Testing Watering Sprinkler System in the Residential Garden.


Now that you’ve installed your new watering system, this is the perfect time to avoid common watering mistakes. You definitely want to avoid a disgraceful brown lawn, but you also don’t want to water it so much that it just ends up flowing to the street. So, as your experts in irrigation for the Jacksonville area, we found just the right balance so you can run your sprinkler system efficiently. Here are our best tips:


Best Watering Time

So, when should you water your lawn to be the most efficient? Experts say the best time to use your irrigation system is between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. This way the sun is lower, making the temperature cooler and allowing the plants to completely absorb the water. It also allows the leaves to dry out during the day. You won’t have to worry about water loss from evaporation, making your watering that much more efficient!

Also, it may not be the best choice to water your landscape in the evening because leaves can stay wet overnight and cause fungus to grow.


Soak 6 Inches

Once you turn on your system, make sure you water your lawn long enough to reach about six inches down. This is typically how deep a grass root system goes. As you try this out for the first time, check the soil every 15 minutes. You’ll only know for sure that the water is reaching that depth by digging up a portion of the sod.

Now you can time how long your system should run so that it can reach those roots. After that first try, you just have to turn on your watering system for that amount of time to ensure those roots are watered.


Water Twice a Week

To avoid overwatering your lawn, you should only turn your irrigation system on twice a week at the very most. By using the idea of soaking the ground six inches deep, you won’t have to water as often as you might’ve thought. You’ll also be able to save money on your utility bill!


Use a Timer

Sprinkler systems are perfect for your home’s lawn. But if you’re not careful, they could also run up your water bill from overwatering. Instead of trying to remember when you should turn off your watering system, connect a timer to your system.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to call our team. Since you know how long you should run your system to get to the roots, you can set it. Now you’ll be able to water efficiently.


When it comes to having the best looking lawn in the neighborhood all year long, it’s important to make sure you’re watering it correctly. At Harrison Irrigation, we want you to have the best experience with your lawn and we hope these tips help guide you in having a beautiful landscape. When it’s time for us to do our routine inspections, we look forward to seeing how the right irrigation system is enhancing your lawn. Call us today to schedule an appointment!