3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

Nice home lite up at night, night lighting


Nothing brightens up the night better than a beautifully lit home. Without efficient landscape lighting, you could be setting yourself up for a higher electric bill all year long.

You probably have plenty of exterior lights. You shouldn’t pay more just to create a safe environment or just to enjoy your yard every evening. Energy efficient landscape lighting is in high demand and here’s why:


Bye-Bye Bugs

Incandescent and fluorescent lights release ultraviolet light, just like the light given off by the sun. Because this is a natural form of light, bugs have the capability of seeing it. Have you ever noticed bugs circling light bulbs? When a bug travels, it normally follows a specific light source. When it sees UV rays given off by regular bulbs, it can get confused and fly directly toward that light. The bug is drawn to the light source essentially until the light goes out or the sun rises.

While UV rays are invisible to the human eye, they’re extremely attractive to unwanted pests. Who doesn’t want to get rid of bugs in their yard? Switching to energy efficient lights in your yard is a quick fix to fending off insects. LED lights emit a limited spectrum of light that’s ideal for keeping pests away. It’s especially great for hot, muggy summers in Florida.


Lower Your Electricity Bill

Outdoor lighting is a great solution in ensuring safety to everyone who visits your home. When it’s strategically placed throughout common areas, you won’t have to question if people will arrive safely. By replacing your traditional lights with energy efficient ones, you’ll do wonders for your electricity bill. LED lights can be up to 90 percent more efficient than regular bulbs. Think about how many lights you have in your yard and how often you use them. The more you use them, the higher your electric bill. So, make the switch to save yourself a good amount of money.


More Sustainable

LED lights have a lower carbon footprint. Why? They last up to 25 percent longer than regular bulbs and are about 90 percent more energy efficient. The US Department of Energy found that LEDs installed in 2012 saved about $675 million in electric costs. If every American replaced one regular light bulb with an LED, the energy saved could light about 2.5 million homes. Do your part to ensure a greener and more sustainable world by switching out your old landscape light bulbs for energy efficient ones.


Make the most of your exterior lighting. Outdoor lighting can truly elevate the appearance of your home while ensuring safety for everyone as they arrive. LEDs are a little more expensive, but offer better light quality, durability and a lower electric bill. The environment and your electric bill will thank you.

Our expert team knows just how to accentuate the look of your home while maintaining its efficiency so you can enjoy it for years to come. Call Harrison Irrigation when you’re ready to go green and for any of your other landscape lighting needs.