How You Can Avoid a Dry Lawn this Winter

snow covering palm trees. pool freezing over. snow falling.


Winter can wreck havoc on your lawn. Drive through any neighborhood in Jacksonville during those cold months and you’ll surely notice the dilemma of a yellow, dry lawn. But, with some preparation this fall, you can avoid having a lawn that looks like this. Here’s how:


Clear the Lawn

Prepare your lawn for the colder months by removing anything that could create dead spots. Items like toys and lawn furniture could cause patches of grass to appear less healthy than the rest of the yard because of their weight. Also, rake away any leaves that seem to be piling up. If there are any wet spots on the ground, the leaves will cause them to become moldy.


Aerate the Landscape

Since winter in Florida tends to have less moisture, you might consider aerating your lawn. If you have a larger lawn, use a power aerator to punch holes in the ground so the lawn’s root system can have moisture delivered directly to it. Or if you have a small garden, use a spade to make the holes.


Reseed and Fertilize

Go ahead and reseed your lawn this fall so you can have continued growth. Then, fertilize it to help it recover from the winter season and promote the growth.


Mow the Lawn

As fall turns into winter, you should start planning when you’ll be cutting your grass for the last time. As you get closer to the end date, gradually move towards cutting your grass shorter and shorter. If your grass is too tall, it could attract animals that will build nests and create dead spots. The shorter grass will also protect any new growth from getting ruined.


Install a Watering System

When you’re choosing an irrigation system for your home or business, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your landscape’s needs. Before our team gets started, we’ll inspect the property and recommend whether you should have a drip irrigation system or sprinkler system placed. Then based on your needs, you can schedule how often you should water the area. This way, you can avoid water waste and give your lawn the best treatment!

It’s safe to say you can avoid a dying lawn by installing a watering system this fall. When you call Harrison Irrigation for your home’s lawn or small garden, our team will properly install the system so it keeps your property beautiful. We’ll also schedule routine maintenance throughout the year to protect your investment. We’re sure your property will be the envy of the neighborhood!


When you want to avoid a dry lawn during the winter, fall is the time to start preparing. Before the first freeze of the season, you’ll want to aerate, reseed, fertilize and mow your lawn. When you do these steps along with installing your durable watering system, you should have a great lawn this upcoming spring.

At Harrison Irrigation, it’s our goal for you to enjoy your lawn all year long. The winter season shouldn’t threaten your landscape’s beauty. Call us today so we can set up your watering system before the colder months hit and maintain an amazing landscape! We can’t wait to work with you.