Why Winter is the Best Time to Get Outdoor Lighting

House covered in snow. Christmas decorations everywhere. Winter lighting.


The closer we get to the holidays, the shorter the days become. It doesn’t seem like there’s enough time left to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! It’s probably dark out by the time you get home from shopping and without outdoor lighting, you could be stumbling bringing in all your gifts. This winter season is the perfect time for you to install some outdoor lighting at your home and here’s why:


Advocate Safety

When it gets dark outside earlier than usual and you don’t have any outdoor lighting, safety can be an issue. You and your guests may have some difficulty finding your way inside your home because nothing is as clear as you remember. Missteps or minor obstacles you normally would avoid could now be hazardous. Without a clear view, anyone unfamiliar with your property could get hurt.

Outdoor lighting is a great solution in ensuring safety to everyone who visits your home. When it’s strategically placed throughout common areas, you won’t have to question if people will arrive safely.


Design Your Vision

Designing your landscape with lighting can be an incredible opportunity to make it how you envision it. When you hire a company that knows how to skillfully install outdoor lighting throughout Jacksonville like Harrison Irrigation, you’ll be able to make your design a reality.

Based on the architecture of your home, our team will ensure our systems don’t leave any dark spots. We’ll also guide you in choosing the best fixtures for your property. Our inventory includes LED lights so you can enjoy the design for years to come. Your home will surely shine bright throughout the neighborhood!


Bring The Party Outside

Create an inviting atmosphere outside your home this winter with incredible landscape lighting. Without it, your guests will be stuck inside all night when they could be enjoying the outdoors. And even though it does cool down in Florida during the winter, this could be an opportunity to host a bonfire during your holiday event. Without adequate outdoor lighting, it could be difficult just to get to the fire pit.

Holidays tend to bring neighborhoods together with everyone’s great assortment of colorful lights. But, that doesn’t mean that once the celebration is over you should stay in the dark. When you strategically place outdoor lights throughout your property, you’ll surely have the most amazing home in Jacksonville with the best parties!


Outdoor lighting can truly elevate the appearance of your home while ensuring safety for everyone as they arrive. You’ll be able to use areas of your property you might not have because of the shorter, colder days. And, designing the look of your outside lights is a venture that we would love to help you with.

Our expert team knows just how to accentuate the look of your home while maintaining its efficiency so you can enjoy it for years to come. Call Harrison Irrigation today to make your home look its best day or night!