Which Irrigation System Should You Get?


Close-up photograph of ice and frost on grass and leaves on a cold foggy winter morning in Broomfield Park, London.


Winter is coming to Florida! Is your lawn ready to take on the cooler season? Because of the lack of rain each winter, lawns throughout the state tend to appear dried out and dull. They are far from the appearance of the lush green landscapes they were during the summer. Although it can be difficult to maintain a beautiful lawn all year along, having the right irrigation system can help! So, we’ve put together a way for you to help your lawn have a fighting chance this winter.


What do you need?

When you’re choosing an irrigation system for your home or business, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your landscape’s needs. The one you choose can be determined by many factors including whether your property needs residential or commercial irrigation. Also, depending on the amount of plants and flowers you have, you might also need specific irrigation requirements.

Look around your property with your irrigation expert and take note of what your landscape is like because it could define your choice for an irrigation system pretty quickly. Call Harrison Irrigation today and we’ll be more than happy to inspect your landscape to meet your irrigation needs. We want to make sure you have the best choice for your property!


Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems or spray irrigation systems are ideal for broad areas like large, grassy lawns. They’re perfect for covering a sizeable piece of land conveniently, quickly and effectively on your home’s property. You can also pick different sprinkler heads, fixed or rotary, to cover several different landscaping areas to make your watering more effective. If you do choose this system, you’ll likely want to install a timer to use your water efficiently.


Drip Irrigation Systems

If you have a smaller area that needs watering, a drip irrigation system might work out best for you. These systems can work wonderfully in areas that have a lot of different plants like a garden or a commercial property. Some of the best choices for these systems will be installed underneath the ground so the water will go directly beneath each plant.

You will definitely not waste water with this option because the slow, precise watering will ensure each plant gets the proper amount. You’ll also decrease run-off, evaporation and overwatering!

If it turns out you need a combination of both systems, we are more than happy to work with you to install them properly so you can get the most out of your lawn this winter.


When it comes to your home or business, we know you want to keep your landscape looking its best all year long. And that means choosing the right irrigation system for your lawn’s needs. At Harrison Irrigation, we honestly recommend what we know will work best for you after we inspect your property. We want you to have the best experience, especially when you look out to your lawn during the winter. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your property!