3 Signs You Need a Sprinkler Repair


Sprinkler head shooting water in a yard.


We all strive for owning the best looking yard in the neighborhood. An efficient sprinkler system is the key to achieving that. Are you unsure if you’re in need of a new irrigation system? Do you frequently find dying or soggy patches in your yard? Is your sprinkler dripping or spraying in uneven patterns? It might be time to get your irrigation system checked out!


Patches of Soggy or Dying Grass

Are you finding spots in your yard that are often dying or too soggy? The first sign you need a new sprinkler system is finding areas of grass that are too dry or too damp. Patches of grass that are dying could mean the area is not receiving enough water. And if patches are often found soaking wet, it could mean the area is receiving too much water. This could be due to a faulty sprinkler. Don’t overlook these signs. Procrastinating the repair can result in the need to re-layer your yard. Act quickly to repair or replace your system!


Pressure Problems

Is water dripping out of your sprinkler head? Is too much water shooting out? Is water coming out of the sprinkler head too fast? These are all signs of pressure problems in your irrigation system. The problem often has to do with the valves or the valve pressure regulators of your system. If the problem lies in the valves or regulator, it’s time to repair or replace your system.

Another factor of your water pressure problem may come from the system settings. Many people believe adding pressure to increase the reach of the sprinkler is a good idea, but it’s not! Increasing the pressure can wear out your sprinkler system significantly faster. To make sure your system is set for optimal use, give Harrison Irrigation a call. We would be happy to take a look at your system and make sure it’s operating at ideal settings.

High Water Bill

Is your water bill higher than usual? A spike in your water bill is a huge red flag that probably means something isn’t properly functioning! First, take a look at your home appliances. If it’s not a home appliance issue, it could be your sprinkler system. An abnormally high water bill could be an indication of a sprinkler system leak. Other signs of a leak can include low water pressure from your sprinkler head, soggy grass patches, water pooling in low areas, a sprinkler head spraying in uneven patterns or shooting water like a fountain. Routine irrigation maintenance is a great way to avoid a spiked water bill.


Take pride in your yard! Routine repairs, replacement and maintenance are vital to making your sprinkler system last as long and efficiently as possible. You should treat your irrigation system just like any of your other home systems or appliances. If you notice something abnormal going on with your system or want to get scheduled for routine system check ups, don’t hesitate to give Harrison Irrigation a call! We’re happy to help with any of your irrigation needs.